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Dealing with Difficult People and Behaviours Workshop

Dealing with difficult or challenging behaviours at work is very common. It can occur in any industry and whenever groups of people of varying backgrounds, roles and goals are working together.

Left unaddressed these behaviours will have a real impact on business performance, culture and morale.

This expertly facilitated workshop offers teams a safe and mature environment to improve interpersonal skills, understand how to communicate professionally, find solutions together, have tough discussions and move forward as a team.

This Workshop Will Cover

  • How to react and self-regulate in a difficult situation
  • How to avoid escalating conflict in the moment
  • When to use assertive communication tactics
  • Handling aggressive, argumentative and high conflict personalities
  • How to spot and understand the motivations of difficult individuals
  • Improving interpersonal skills and communication
  • Developing self-awareness, active listening and emotionally intelligent behaviours
  • Tips for dealing with problematic behaviours and poor communication

Workshop Outcomes

  • Stronger team culture with improved workplace relationships
  • Empowered, more resilient staff
  • Uplift in customer/client service levels
  • Energy redirected to more productive work
  • Positive management action through addressing workplace issues and staff development

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for delivery for a group of staff from one organisation. It is suitable for staff at any level and from any industry background.

The topic is applicable to those dealing with the difficult behaviours of colleagues, customers or suppliers in a workplace setting.

Workshop Inclusions

  • Fixed price for 5 participants
  • Facilitated by a highly experienced, qualified and engaging presenter
  • Delivered onsite at your premises for convenience
  • Learning resources, interactive activities
  • Certificate of completion for each attendee
  • Workshop pricing excludes catering and certain travel requirements. Workshop delivery date to be determined.

Workshop Pricing

  • Workshop pricing is fixed for 5 participants. Pricing for larger groups will be provided upon request
  • Preferred rates available for additional staff to attend
  • Payment can be made by invoice or corporate credit card

Please note: Workshop pricing excludes catering and certain travel requirements if held face-to-face. Workshop delivery date to be determined.

Have more than five staff you’d like to attend? Talk to us about discounted per person rates for additional attendees.


MiTraining Staff Workshops

This course is offered as a face-to-face workshop for businesses looking to develop a group of staff in an important skill area.

We know that researching and planning a training session for staff can be time-consuming. Our pre-packaged staff training workshops will save you time, training dollars and are delivered with the same rigour and quality as one of our custom training solutions.

Pricing for this half-day workshop is fixed and known up-front. Full-day workshop options are also available by request.

Customised Training Options

MiTraining can help develop the practical skills of your staff to improve your bottom line. We train and develop across a broad range of topics across business, management and leadership. The training can be tailored to your workplace, industry and the specific challenges in the way of meeting your business objectives.

If you have a larger group of staff to train, require training that addresses a specific or unique skill area, want to tailor the content and activities to your group, then talk to us about a customised training solution. It may not be as expensive as you think and can provide exceptional value and results.

Talk to us about tailoring training for your teams on this topic, or another topic that fits within the business, management or leadership sphere, by emailing us at

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