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About MiTraining

Build robust, future-fit and psychologically safe organisations

We are a forward-thinking Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and not-for-profit dedicated to enhancing workplace mental health and wellbeing through high-quality, cost-effective programs led by industry experts.

Why Choose MiTraining?

  • Improve Culture: Our training promotes a supportive work culture
  • Mental Health Advocacy: We prioritise mental wellbeing in all training
  • Future-Focused: We prepare you for evolving work environments
  • Mission-Driven: Committed to enhancing Australian workplaces

"Our workplace is not just more aware, but more compassionate and proactive."

Our Workshop Topics

  • Mental Health: Empowering employees with strategies to maintain mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Neurodiversity: Unlocking the power of diverse minds in your organisation
  • Happiness: Exploring the science and practices that lead to a fulfilling and joyful workplace and life
  • Human-Centred Skills: Enhancing interpersonal skills and empathy to foster positive human connections and collaborations

Our Services

  • In-House Staff DevelopmentEmpower your teams with tailored workshops, fostering professional growth and nurturing potential
  • Live Virtual Learning: Experience interactive, real-time education, accessible from anywhere in Australia, bridging distances and connecting minds
  • Online Courses: Dive into self-paced learning modules, broadening horizons and instilling a mindset of continuous learning

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