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About MiTraining

We’re all about skills for work

MiTraining is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering nationally recognised qualifications, short courses, skill sets and micro-training for practical workplace skills.

Developing new skills for work is all about improving personal performance by demonstrating you are capable, competent and of value as an employee, or someone who is self-employed.

We specialise in developing contemporary, transferable skills that are applicable in any industry setting or work environment to underpin and enhance your performance at work.

Our goal is to assist you to progress towards what the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework (CSfW) describes as an Expert Performer. The CSfW defines an Expert Performer as an individual that:

  • Has extensive practical experience in the skill area, with both a big picture understanding and an eye for relevant fine detail.
  • Operates fluidly, intuitively and flexibly in highly complex situations, drawing on knowledge and practical experience organised into highly refined patterns, concepts and principles.
  • Uses a combination of informed intuition and analysis in different situations, recognising that ‘it all depends’.
  • Will often reconceptualise approaches and practices to produce more effective outcomes, while also recognising which rules and principles are always applicable.

For organisations looking to grow skills and capability in staff, read more about our Staff Training approach and how our entrepreneurship courses online can be valuable to any employee and organisation.

A for purpose not-for-profit

MiTraining is a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation. Our purpose is to develop competence, capability and capacity in our graduates by developing core skills and knowledge for practical application in the workplace.

We reinvest in our training, teaching and services to bring real value to individuals and companies. We find clever, creative and cost-effective ways to help people upskill, cross skill or reskill be more employable, add more value at work, better manage their career and work life, and get the work done.

Registration and accreditation

MiTraining is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Provider ID 45183) with the national regulator, the Australian Skills Quality Authority. As a registered provider MiTraining is required to meet comprehensive compliance standards to have become an RTO, and to remain as one.

You can view MiTraining’s registration record including our scope of delivery on the National Register of VET which is maintained by the Australian Government.

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Our heritage

MiTraining is part of the Migas Limited group of companies which includes MIGAS Apprentices & Trainees - a not-for-profit organisation that has been recruiting, employing and mentoring apprentices and trainees in the Australian traditional trades sector since 1988.

That means we draw on 30 years’ experience working with individuals to create bright futures, and with employers to create skilled workforces.

Our commitment springs from a desire to create real employment outcomes for those who have shown the determination to carve out a career with a "hard skill" in their back pocket.


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