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Corporate Workshops

Get more value out of staff training and development with MiTraining

Your people are your biggest asset. But managing staff can be challenging, especially when balancing your company's profitability and your customers' unique needs. 

Throw the effects of a global pandemic into the mix, and you have a recipe for either growth or staff turnover. 

If you can harness the challenges your staff experience each day and utilise them for training, you can supercharge your team's development and learning. If not, the challenges your staff experience each day at work could ultimately lead to lower productivity, staff friction, customer disputes and staff turnover, all of which are expensive. 

We have a solution.  

Face-to-face interactive workshops are among the best strategies to create more competent teams. That's why MiTraining makes our range of short courses and business qualifications available as in-house live corporate workshops. 

Our trainers are happy to come to you and deliver training so that your team can develop their abilities and support the objectives of your company.

With over 15 years of experience in corporate training, we understand the pressure your team is under daily. We help high-performing businesses like yours improve workplace culture and lower team friction, so they can retain quality staff and offer better service to customers. 

We offer live workshops throughout Australia in metropolitan and regional locations. Contact us to find out more about our corporate workshops or to request a quote.

Talk to us about your corporate workshop needs

We believe in delivering quality corporate workshops that provide tangible benefits. When working with our clients, we always take the time to delve into your requirements and find the best corporate training to fit your needs. 

To talk to us about delivering a corporate workshop or for advice on training to address specific needs, book a 15-minute discovery call with our Client Development & Admissions Manager. You can also reach us by email at

You are welcome to browse our course catalogue to get a feel for our corporate training workshops.

Why choose MiTraining corporate workshops?

It's well established that organisations that invest in training are more likely to remain competitive. Continuous upskilling of employees improves work productivity, boosts staff morale, and positively impacts the customer experience.

The key to MiTraining's corporate workshops lies with our trainers. A group of professional trainers deliver our workshops. They have spent time in real-world businesses and understand how to align commercial realities with staff needs and aspirations. 

We match your workshop to our best-suited MiTraining trainer, always seeking to align our trainers with your business' culture and values. This makes for a better match between your team and MiTraining, delivering more engaging learning experiences.

Our in-house corporate workshops are typically delivered as half or full-day courses and can be customised to meet your business's specific needs and context. 

We can tailor a corporate workshop to address specific gaps or staff needs in your organisation. Together with your preferred trainer, our pre- and post-training consultation process will explore your options and ensure all your expectations are met during training.

  • Stretch your staff development budget further. Corporate workshops are more cost and time-efficient than individual training.
  • Flexible delivery that fits your business priorities. Our corporate workshops can be tailored to meet your business needs and are deliverable on-site or off-site, depending on your preferred approach.
  • Training includes a debrief to help embed the learning outcomes. Post-delivery, our corporate workshops include a written summary of any key observations, areas of follow-up or additional training recommendations.

Our corporate workshops focus on developing applicable workplace skills

MiTraining corporate workshops focus on a range of business and management skill areas that are critical to improving staff performance and capability.

We help businesses develop teams in skill areas, including:

  • Building high-performing teams that are efficient, productive and goal-driven
  • Developing interpersonal skills to build an emotionally intelligent workforce
  • Creating resilient staff who are positive and purpose-driven
  • Developing practical skills and techniques to manage stress and high-pressure situations
  • Helping individuals and teams think critically and creatively
  • Improving communication, influencing, conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Teaching staff how to show initiative, work autonomously and collaborate meaningfully
  • Building essential digital skills to future-proof the workforce
  • Lifting sales capability and improving customer experiences through exceptional service

Half-day Corporate Workshops


DISC ADVANCED® workshops use the DISC behavioural assessment tool to help your team members better understand themselves and how they interact with others. By improving self-awareness, DISC ADVANCED® Workshops delivered by MiTraining build stronger and more effective workplaces. For teams with five or more staff, a Certified DISC ADVANCED® facilitator can deliver the workshop either onsite at your business or as an online course.

Find out more about MiTraining’s DISC ADVANCED® Workshop.

Dealing with Difficult People and Behaviours Workshop

MiTraining's expertly facilitated Dealing with Difficult People and Behaviours Workshop offers teams a safe and mature environment to improve interpersonal skills. This corporate workshop focuses on developing professional communication skills, working together to find solutions, having tough discussions and moving forward as a team. This course is perfectly suited to professional teams in all environments.

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If teamwork and positive communication are essential to your business, your staff may benefit from MiTraining's customised corporate workshops. 

Book a discovery call with our Client Development & Admissions Manager to learn more about our live training or request a quote.

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