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One of the most effective ways to build more capable employees is through face-to-face skills training.

MiTraining offers expertly facilitated workshops across a large range of crucial management and leadership development areas from workplace wellness, mental health, communication skills and customer service through to sales execution, dealing with difficult behaviours, key HR skills and emotional intelligence.

Choose from:

Mental Health First Aid Training: Available across Australia and in blended online delivery

Mental Health Workshops: Face-to-face workshops focuses on employee wellbeing

Corporate Workshops: Staff development in your workplace or online

Happiness Workshops: Virtual workshops powered by Happiness Co for workplace wellbeing

Neurodiversity Workshops: Unlock the power of diverse minds in your organisation

Masterclasses: Online workshops for individuals and teams

Tailored Workshops for Your Teams

When there is a need for people to interact with people professionally and productively, MiTraining is here to help.

  • Half and full-day face-to-face corporate workshops facilitated on-site
  • Flexible online solutions for geographically spread teams
  • Exceptional trainers with practical business experience
  • Customised training to meet an industry or organisation specific skills gap
  • Extensive range of development topics

Training workshops are usually delivered as a series of half or full-day workshops and can be customised using our course IP combined with your business know-how.

Training can also be tailored to address specific organisational skills gaps or staff development needs. Together with the preferred trainer, we’ll consult with you before and after training delivery to ensure expectations are met and desired outcomes are achieved. 

Training can be delivered on-site or off-site depending on the preferred approach to immersing staff in the learning experience. We’ll come to you or arrange one of our private training rooms.

MiTraining Focus Areas

Transferable Skills: are skills that can be applied in varied contexts – for example a skill which can be developed in one job or industry but is still relevant and useful in another job or industry, even where the contexts are very different.

Career Skills: the skills individuals need to progress within an organisation to achieve their potential and contribute successfully to business objectives and outcomes.

Enterprise Skills: a combination of developed problem-solving techniques and ability to think creatively to come up with new solutions and recognise business opportunities.

Training Formats

Face-to-face workshops delivered over a half-day, full-day or series of dates at your workplace or an external venue. Face-to-face delivery is preferred by employers and offers a range of direct and indirect benefits. Workshops are recommended when the skills transfer and development needs to be fast and observable.

Fully online delivery to provide 24/7 access to training materials, projects and documents. Ideal for organisations with a national footprint, mobile teams or those working across multiple sites. Fully online delivery is an excellent solution when consistency and access to the training is a priority, such as workplace induction and safety training.

Mixed delivery blends the personal connection and interactions of face-to-face training with the flexibility and convenience of online. This option is ideal for extended programs that keep participants engaged with additional resources and touch points over the course of the training.

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