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Unlock the power of a mentally healthy and thriving workforce with our suite of compelling workshops tailored to elevate employee wellbeing and productivity in your workplace

As the demands on modern organisations continue to soar, investing in the mental health of your team has never been more critical. Our carefully curated workshops are meticulously designed to address the unique challenges faced by employees, making them the ideal solution to boost workplace resilience and overall happiness.

Backed by extensive research and data, we understand the pressing need to prioritise mental health in your organisation. With approximately one in five Australians experiencing mental health conditions each year, the impact on productivity and retention cannot be ignored.

Our workshops offer more than just a band-aid solution; they present a proactive and strategic approach to fostering a positive workplace culture that nurtures employee well-being from within.

Partner with MiTraining to empower your team with a range of cutting-edge workshops led by experienced facilitators. Our interactive activities and engaging group discussions will equip your employees with invaluable tools to tackle workplace stress, enhance emotional intelligence, and develop robust resilience.

By taking this transformative step towards a mentally healthy workplace, you can be assured of reaping the rewards of heightened employee satisfaction, amplified engagement, and ultimately, a thriving and more productive business.

Psychosocial and Psychological Safety at Work

Psychosocial and Psychological Safety at Work

This workshop delves into the impact of psychosocial and psychological factors on employee wellbeing and performance.
Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Participants of this half day training will gain invaluable insights into group and organisational factors that either bolster or impede mental health.
Emotional Intelligence Resourcefulness and Resilience in Teams

Emotional Intelligence, Resourcefulness and Resilience in Teams

This workshop is specifically crafted to enhance emotional intelligence, resourcefulness, and resilience in team members within an organisational setting.
Mental Health First Aid Course card 400 x 200px

Mental Health First Aid™

This workshop delivered onsite at your workplace will provide your team with the skills to be prepared and confident to facilitate conversations, provide guidance, and support to those coping with emotional distress.

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