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Preparing for new challenges at work? Update your skills, boost your resume and get ready to advance your career with our short business courses online from MiTraining. Our business short courses offer the flexibility to study at your own pace. Access to course materials is available for three months and comes with unlimited student support from our team.

As a leading provider of online business courses, like our popular entrepreneurship course, we deliver material that’s suitable for every career field. We focus on building the skills that make you a more effective communicator, allowing you to form stronger relationships, further your career and lead more effective teams. You can view our range of business short courses online below.

Communicate with influence

Communicate with Influence

Develop your skills in presenting to make an impact and influence potential customers, clients and important stakeholders.
Develop and present business proposals

Develop and Present Business Proposals

If you’re considering starting a small business, this course will help you define and pitch your business idea to key stakeholders.
Develop and use emotional intelligence

Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence

Improving emotional intelligence increases self-awareness and improves workplace relationship management skills.
Investigate business opportunities

Investigate Business Opportunities

Acquire the skills you need to consider the major elements of a business venture and undertake research to determine its viability.
Organise finances for new business ventures

Organise Finances for New Business Ventures

Develop the skills needed to estimate start-up costs, determine financial viability and project cash flow for new business ventures.
New Develop Critical Thinking in Others

Develop Critical Thinking in Others

This course provides leaders with the tools they need to develop teams and help them implement critical thinking processes.
New Market New Business Ventures SEO

Market New Business Ventures

Discover the tools you need to drive your new business venture forward and improve the outcomes of your marketing efforts.
New Support the Learning and Development of Teams and Individuals

Support the Learning and Development of Teams and Individuals

Learn how to manage the training and development of employees and play a fundamental role in building successful teams.
New Coordinate Recruitment and Onboarding

Coordinate Recruitment and Onboarding

Developing a good process for recruiting, onboarding and training new team members helps build stronger organisations.
New Demonstrate Leadership in the Workplace

Demonstrate Leadership in the Workplace

This course covers the skills required to lead the workplace by modelling high standards that reflect the organisation’s values.
New Communicate Effectively as a Workplace Leader

Communicate Effectively as a Workplace Leader

This course provides the tools you need to improve communication and achieve greater outcomes as a leader in your workplace.
New Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

For all team leaders, supervisors and those looking to upskill, this course provides help with forming stronger workplace relationships.
New Lead the Development of Diverse Workforces

Lead the Development of Diverse Workforces

This short course will help you harness the right communication tools to improve communication and achieve greater diversity outcomes in your workplace.
New Manage People Performance

Manage People Performance

For those in leadership positions or looking to upskill, this course teaches best practice for performance management systems.
New Conduct E Marketing Communications

Conduct E-Marketing Communications

This short course is ideal for those working in a marketing or promotions role or anyone looking to expand the online presence of their business.
New Supporting Employee Mental Health During Organisational Disruption

Supporting Employee Mental Health During Organisational Disruption

This course will furnish you with the practical tools and knowledge to support employee mental health in the face of organisational disruption.

Professional Development Online Training

Whether you are joining the workforce, updating your resume or looking to land your dream role, a short business course is the ideal professional development tool. Our business short courses are all available online, so you can access and complete course material at your own pace.

Once training modules are complete, you’ll be equipped with useful skills that you can use to advance your career and build stronger networks with the professionals around you. The professional development courses we offer are designed to be useful in any career field. With short courses aimed at developing critical thinking, business proposals, leadership and management, as well as entrepreneurship skills, MiTraining’s business online short courses can prepare you for any role in the workplace.

For the complete training package, our online business courses are the ideal companion to our other training programs. From nationally recognised business qualifications to micro courses that offer bite sized upskilling opportunities, we’re ready to help you take the next step in your career.

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