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Building Resilience: Supporting Neurodiverse Employees in Times of Change

This workshop focuses on how to support neurodiverse employees during periods of change or stress, which can often be particularly challenging for those with neurodivergent conditions. It covers strategies for communication, flexibility, and providing appropriate support.

This workshop will cover

  • Understanding Neurodiverse Reactions to Change
  • Communication Strategies
  • Promoting Flexibility
  • Support Mechanisms
  • Cultivating a Resilient Culture

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the unique challenges and reactions neurodiverse individuals might experience during times of change or stress
  • Implement effective communication strategies tailored to the needs of neurodiverse employees when discussing changes or addressing concerns
  • Foster flexibility within teams and processes to accommodate the needs of neurodiverse individuals, ensuring their wellbeing and continued productivity
  • Identify and provide the necessary support mechanisms, tools, and resources to assist neurodiverse employees in navigating times of change
  • Create and promote a resilient and inclusive workplace culture that not only supports neurodiverse employees but enhances the adaptability of the entire team during transitions

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