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Supporting Employee Mental Health During Organisational Disruption


  • Investing in employee mental health boosts business profitability.
  • Poor psychological safety at work costs Australian companies around $6 billion annually.
  • Happy, supported employees are more productive, reducing staff turnover.
  • Disruptive events are opportunities to improve workplace culture and rapport.
  • The course offers strategies for managing risks and leveraging disruptive events.

Investing in employee mental health is good for business.

Poor psychological safety at work costs Australian companies an estimated $6 billion annually, a University of South Australia report found (4).

When employees feel safe, supported and happy, they are more productive, which results in less staff turnover (1,2). Increased productivity and less staff turnover lead to better organisational profitability (3). In short: investing in employee mental health is good for business.

We can no longer ignore or downplay the importance of psychological wellbeing in the workplace. But how do executives, supervisors and managers help employees amidst disruptive events like global pandemics, natural disasters and more?

Introducing MiTraining's newest course, Supporting Employee Mental Health During Organisational Disruption.

This online course addresses precisely how to support the psychological health of your employees during disruptive events.

It will help you manage risk—because disruptive events present new organisational threats. We will discuss these and offer suggestions for dealing with such events, so your organisation can improve productivity and company profitability. 

Just as a poor customer experience can improve customer loyalty, you can use disruptive events to your advantage if managed correctly. Learn how disruptive events aren't just threats but also opportunities to build rapport, and workplace culture and connect with your team.

Pre-register now

The self-paced online course, Supporting Employee Mental Health During Organisational Disruption, will be available in September 2022. Register your interest now and be the first to hear about the training when it goes live.

This course is based on the unit of competency BSBWHS432X Contribute to organisational mental health response in the context of disruptive events.



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