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Online Learning Myth Busters

Myth: I won't learn as much online as I would in a classroom.

Research has shown that there is no significant difference between students who learn online or in the classroom. What matters is the quality of the training and course materials.

Myth: Studying online means I'll be on my own with no one to help.

Online courses are delivered using a Learning Management System commonly known as an LMS. An LMS is like an online classroom. You can message trainers and other students, access course materials instantly, and even watch live lectures or talks.

And, in an online course you are free to research, to think, and to edit before you post your comments which means you won't be put on the spot.

Myth: Online courses aren't recognised by employers.

Online learning is widely accepted in Australia. More than 23 Australian universities offer over 200 online courses and more than 30% of those courses were delivered completely online. Our small business course online allows employees to upskill in one of many areas that increases their value in the workplace.

Myth: You need to be a technology expert to take an online course.

You don't need tons of tech knowledge to be successful in an online course such as our entrepreneurship course. You must be comfortable navigating online and know the essentials before getting started.

The minimum technical and system requirements for students studying with MiTraining are outlined in the Student Handbook.

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