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Supporting Employee Mental Health During Organisational Disruption

The world of work and how staff show up mentally and physically to the workplace has changed forever.

This course will furnish you with the practical tools and knowledge to support employee mental health in the face of organisational disruption.

From global pandemic to economic recession and beyond - prepare yourself with the skills to lead a resilient team.

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Course Content

Psychological safety is the new workplace non-negotiable.

Both internal and external events can cause serious organisational disruption impacting the productivity and wellbeing of staff. Uncertainty and worry at work often create a problematic mix of anxiety, poor workplace dynamics, and conflict.

But when employees feel safe, supported and valued - especially in the face of turmoil - they are more productive, resilient and happier.

This course is designed for supervisors and managers at all levels to develop the skills and knowledge to support the psychological health of staff and teams during times of disruption now and in the future.

This course is structured into six self-paced topics:

  1. Introduction and background
  2. Psychological health and safety
  3. Business risk and organisational disruption
  4. Contribute to organisational communication and consultation
  5. Support employees in distress during times of disruption
  6. Maintain a positive working environment during organisational disruption

Learning Outcomes

Introduction and background

  • Discover definitions for mental health, psychological safety and psychosocial hazards
  • Explore why mental health and psychological safety are essential for workplaces
  • Identify and access applicable legislative and organisational requirements
  • Review the obligations of stakeholders concerning mental health response in the context of disruptive events

Psychological health and safety

  • Identify psychological health and safety hazards
  • Identify and assess psychological health and safety risks
  • Identify potential control strategies for psychological health and safety risks

Business risk and organisational disruption

  • Identify internal and external business risks
  • Assess the risk in terms of organisational disruption
  • Evaluate the potential impact of organisational disruption
  • Examine organisational rules and processes to minimise organisational disruption

Contribute to organisational communication and consultation

  • Identify communication practices for effectively responding to disruptive events
  • Define key communications and consultation forms when dealing with employees

Support employees in distress during times of disruption

  • Identify how to support employees experiencing psychological distress

Maintain a positive working environment during organisational disruption

  • Identify how to implement a supportive work environment during a disruptive event

Entry Requirements

This course is for professional development and there are no formal entry requirements.

To support a successful learning experience you will need minimum technology requirements including access to a device (desktop/mobile/tablet), reliable internet connection, and use of a personal email account.

Course Delivery and Support

This course is delivered online via MiTraining’s Learning Management System (LMS) which includes:

  • Course content and reading materials
  • Activities
  • Supplementary learning materials

Course Duration

You have a full three months’ access to the learning resources to complete this course.

Course FAQs

The course fee is a one-off upfront payment. If you require an invoice prior to payment please email or call 1300 549 190.


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