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Upskill with Customer Complaint Training from MiTraining

Strong customer relationships have the potential to transform your career and business. Customer complaint training is a key piece of the puzzle. The way you manage clients and handle their expectations, feedback and complaints is critical to building your brand. MiTraining offers self-paced customer complaint training to help build your understanding of customer communications.

Ideal for business teams and individual professionals, our customer complaint training delves into a range of skills and strategies. Our aim is to improve the way you communicate with customers and help you turn complaints into opportunities for positive feedback.

If you’re a business owner, frontline manager, team leader or sales professional, our Handling Customer Complaints training can equip you with new skills and expand your career potential.

What You’ll Learn with Our Customer Complaint Training

Customer feedback is a fixture of the modern business world. While customers have always found ways to bring their concerns to businesses, social media has provided instant access to a global forum. MiTraining’s customer complaint training is designed to lay new foundations that improve the way you communicate with customers in the digital age. Our customer complaint training course is full of practical advice, tips and tactics you can use to turn negative feedback into growth for your business.

Through our self-paced Handling Customer Complaints training you’ll learn:

  • How complaints are made
  • Turning around customer complaints
  • Why and how you should help customers to complain
  • Complaints handling policies
  • Using communication skills
  • Complaint records and registers
  • Deciding what to do with customer feedback
  • Referring customers on

Learning how to handle customer complaints is the best thing you can do for your personal life and professional career. Developing policies and strategies means you’ll always be in charge of managing customer feedback. MiTraining’s customer complaint training can help build your resilience and provide an opportunity to develop communication skills that transform your career.


Training Staff for Customer Service and Complaint Handling

Customer complaint training is a key part of professional development. While this course is perfect for individuals, it has also been designed to be useful for teams. Training staff for customer service and complaint handling doesn’t need to be a challenge with MiTraining. This accessible course requires only 2-3 hours of study, so it’s the perfect solution for business owners, frontline managers and leaders looking to upskill their people.

To support the development of your teams, this course can be delivered face-to-face or online for groups of staff. Our half-day workshops equip your teams with new skills and understandings to improve the way your business handles complaints. Through a mix of interactive teaching and self-directed learning, MiTraining can deliver customer complaint training that powers the future of your business.

Handling Customer Complaints Training and Certification

The relationships you build with customers are one of your business’ most valuable assets. Happy customers come back time and again, and they’re the best advertising you can ask for. MiTraining’s customer complaint training isn’t just about handling negative feedback. It also teaches you how to turn those negative experiences into opportunities for growth that can power the future of your business. When customers make complaints they want to feel heard, and our Handling Customer Complaints training gives you everything you need to get started.

Our self-paced customer complaint training micro credential is the perfect accompaniment to our business qualifications. Throughout the course, students have access to a dedicated online portal that allows you to study at times that suit you best. That means you have the freedom to complete material at your own pace and invest in the short courses, programs and qualifications that will have the biggest impact on your career.

Why Choose MiTraining’s Customer Complaint Training?

MiTraining has designed our customer complaint training to help students turn feedback into a growing experience. Our training can help business owners, sales professionals and managers develop new skills and handle customer complaints in more productive ways.

Each of our courses is developed by experienced trainers and communicators. That means our Handling Customer Complaints training is full of real world advice, examples and strategies that you can put into use immediately. With a broad focus on handling customer complaints in the 21st century, this course is ideal for professionals in every industry. Delivered fully online, our Handling Customer Complaints training offers flexibility and freedom to complete the material in your own time. Whether you’re updating your resume or looking for corporate workshop solutions, our customer complaints training provides the framework you need.

If you’d like more information on our Handling Customer Complaints training, you’re welcome to contact us online or email our team at

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