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Understanding the Dark Triad: Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy

Within the complex and often hidden aspects of human personality, there are transformative forces at work. These forces become apparent through specific personality traits, collectively referred to as the Dark Triad: Narcissism (excessive focus on oneself), Machiavellianism (manipulative behaviour), and Psychopathy (lack of empathy and antisocial behaviour).

This MiTraining webinar unveils the complexities of these enigmatic characteristics, equipping you with the knowledge to identify and interact with such personalities in a professional setting.

Over the course of the webinar, MiTraining’s organisational psychologist will guide you through the intricacies of the Dark Triad, offering insights into how these traits influence behaviours, relationships, and workplace dynamics.

Learn to navigate the challenges posed by individuals exhibiting these traits and discover strategies for fostering a positive and productive environment, even in the face of potentially disruptive personalities.

This session is not just about understanding the dark aspects of human psychology; it's about turning awareness into action, allowing for better adaptation and resilience in professional interactions.

Talking points

  • Identifying the Dark Triad: Understanding the characteristics of Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy and their manifestations in the workplace.
  • Adapting to Dark Triad Traits: Strategies for effectively interacting with individuals displaying these traits, to maintain a positive working environment.
  • Maintaining Professional Identity: Techniques for preserving your own professional goals and identity when dealing with challenging personalities.
  • Embracing Awareness as Opportunity: Learning to view the understanding of the Dark Triad not as a hurdle, but as a chance for personal and professional growth.

Join us to shed light on the darker aspects of personality that influence today's professional landscape. Equip yourself with the tools to adapt, understand, and thrive amidst the complexities of human behaviour.

Presenter: Emily Douglass, Organisational Psychologist

Emily Douglass is an experienced organisational psychologist who enjoys having a positive impact on others so they can live more full personal lives. She is a facilitator and professional coach, regularly presenting on topics such as resilience in the workplace, vicarious trauma, team effectiveness and leadership development. 

Emily began her career as a logistic operations manager, embarking on a career change when she discovered her skill for unlocking human potential. As an organisational psychologist she draws on her first-hand experience of what it means to be a resilient, ethical and effective leader, having led diverse teams whilst serving in the Australian Army. Emily has worked with a range of industries, from freight to finance, across all sizes of businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the webinar?
The webinar is 45min of delivery + 15min questions.

How is it delivered?
The webinar recording is on demand and accessible through our Learning Management System. 

How long do I have access? 
You will have access to this webinar recording for 3 months.

How do I book?
You need to purchase the webinar online. You will then be provided with log on details to our Learning Management System. 

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