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Balancing Act: Mastering Stress Management and Overwhelm in the Workplace

Explore the critical skills of managing stress and overwhelm in a high-pressure work environment. Learn how to identify stressors, implement effective stress management techniques, and communicate effectively under pressure, especially when dealing with upper-tier executives. This understanding is key to maintaining productivity and positive workplace relationships in demanding situations.

This webinar will offer actionable strategies for handling acute and long-term stress, enhancing your emotional resilience, and crafting a personalised stress management plan. Discover how these skills not only benefit your personal wellbeing but also contribute to a healthier, more dynamic workplace atmosphere.

Understand how to balance assertiveness and diplomacy in high-stakes interactions, making you more equipped to navigate the complexities of modern professional environments. By mastering these skills, you position yourself as a valuable and capable professional in any workplace setting.

Talking points

  • Identifying and managing workplace stressors.
  • Practical stress management techniques for immediate and long-term relief.
  • Building emotional resilience to thrive in challenging environments.
  • Effective communication under pressure for better interactions with leaders.

Presenter: Julie Robinson, Author & Mind Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the webinar?
The webinar is 45min of delivery + 15min questions.

How is it delivered?
The webinar is accessible from anywhere, as it will be conducted via a live video call using Zoom.

What if I can't attend live?
The online workshop will be recorded - if you purchase the course, you will receive a recording of the live recording afterwards.

How do I book?
You only need to purchase the webinar online to join. We'll take your pre-payment and provide all the access details to your registered email address.

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