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Transforming Workplace Anxiety into Positive Performance

Workplace anxiety, a pervasive concern, affects a significant portion of professionals irrespective of their hierarchical standing. This MiTalk navigates the intricacies of this anxiety, its root causes, and the physiological responses it triggers.

Drawing from cutting-edge neurological research, MiTraining's General Manager, Stacey Wallace, introduces a transformative framework. By reprogramming the subconscious, this approach aids in converting debilitating anxiety into an empowering force for improved performance.


  • Workplace anxiety is common and impacts health, relationships, and job performance.
  • The brain's fight-or-flight response often misinterprets workplace stress as physical threats.
  • Our subconscious drives most behaviours, but it can be reprogrammed.
  • A four-step framework can transform anxiety into positive performance.
  • Visualisation and affirmations are proven to reduce anxiety and boost performance.

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Talking Points

  • The ubiquity of workplace anxiety and its implications on health, relationships, and job performance
  • The brain's fight-or-flight response to threats: distinguishing between physical threats and perceived workplace pressures
  • Insights into the subconscious: the powerhouse behind the majority of our behaviours and the potential to mould it
  • A four-step framework to transform workplace anxiety
  • The empirical backing of visualisation and affirmations in alleviating anxiety and enhancing performance

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be presented with the neurological underpinnings of anxiety and its manifestations in the workplace
  • Participants will be given a robust, actionable four-step framework to pivot from debilitating anxiety to enhanced productivity
  • Through applied techniques of visualisation and affirmations, participants can work on re-shaping their subconscious processes, and fostering healthier workplace habits and beliefs

Transforming Workplace Anxiety into Positive Performance

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