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How to Change Your Relationship With Time

In this MiTalk, you are guided on a journey to change your relationship with time, inspired by lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MiTraining's General Manager, Stacey Wallace, shares three key strategies: embracing the present moment, prioritising what truly matters, and cultivating time for reflection and rest. These strategies are designed to help individuals shift their perception of time from being a relentless enemy to a precious, fulfilling gift.

The pandemic, while challenging, was as an unexpected teacher that has illuminated the profound value of time and the potential for a more intentional and balanced life.


  • COVID-19 prompted a reevaluation of our time perception.
  • Embrace the present moment for a richer experience.
  • Align commitments with true values and goals.
  • Regular reflection and self-care are crucial.
  • Time can be a gift, not just a relentless enemy.

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Talking Points

  • The COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for reevaluating our relationship with time
  • The importance of mindfulness and being fully present to enrich our daily experiences
  • Reassessing and aligning our commitments with our true values and aspirations
  • The significance of regular reflection and self-care in maintaining a balanced life

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to identify and implement strategies to embrace the present, prioritise meaningful activities and relationships, and allocate time for reflection and self-care
  • Participants will gain insights into transforming their perception of time, enabling them to lead a more intentional, purposeful, and fulfilling life

MiTalk: How to Change Your Relationship With Time

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