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Craft Your Career at Work to Unleash Meaning and Purpose

In this MiTalk, MiTraining's General Manager, Stacey Wallace, shares the concept of crafting your career to discover genuine purpose and meaning in your professional journey.

Drawing insights from the groundbreaking she demystifies how you can actively mould your work experience to resonate with your innate values, strengths, and passions. Embracing the practice of job crafting can pave the way for not just greater job satisfaction, but also a profound alignment with your authentic self.


  • Career crafting aligns work with personal values and passions.
  • It extends beyond traditional career development.
  • Job crafting empowers role redesign by employees.
  • Involves a three-dimensional approach to reshape work.
  • Provides practical strategies for a fulfilling career journey.

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Talking Points

  • Introduction to the transformative approach of crafting your career beyond conventional career development paths
  • Unpacking research studies on job crafting and the empowerment of employees in redesigning their roles
  • Exploration of a three-dimensional approach to job crafting
  • Practical strategies to embark on your career crafting journey

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be presented with the multifaceted concept of job crafting and its profound impact on professional fulfillment and meaning
  • Participants will be given actionable strategies to tailor their job roles in alignment with their individual strengths and values
  • Through cognitive reshaping, participants will understand how to practice fostering a resilient and growth-oriented perspective towards their work
  • Participants will recognise the value of cultivating meaningful work relationships as a cornerstone of enriched job satisfaction

Craft Your Career at Work to Unleash Meaning and Purpose

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