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Achieve Mastery Through Vulnerability

In our pursuit of mastery, perfectionism often overshadows the profound power of vulnerability. This MiTalk unravels the misconceptions surrounding vulnerability and underscores its quintessential role in attaining genuine expertise in any domain.

Drawing from real-world examples and empirical research, MiTraining's General Manager, Stacey Wallace, makes a compelling case that vulnerability, when wielded appropriately, transcends the shackles of perfectionism, leading to meaningful growth.


  • Perfectionism can hinder mastery; vulnerability is key.
  • Vulnerability leads to meaningful growth and learning.
  • Perfectionism limits growth; vulnerability enhances it.
  • Fixed vs. growth mindsets impact skill mastery.
  • Three steps to integrate vulnerability in skill development.

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Talking Points

  • The pressure of perfectionism and its associated pitfalls
  • The evidence linking perfectionism to limited growth and vulnerability to enhanced learning
  • The notions of fixed vs. growth mindsets and their implications for skill mastery
  • Three actionable steps to infuse vulnerability into your journey to skill mastery

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be presented with the profound differences between the pursuit of perfectionism and the embrace of vulnerability
  • Attendees will be given a practical triad strategy to harness vulnerability in their personal and professional endeavours

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