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Recognition of Prior Learning

The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) facilitates the progression of students through qualifications by giving credit for learning outcomes they already have achieved. Credit outcomes may allow for entry into a qualification and/or provide credit towards the qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment is a rigorous process that is conducted to the same standard as undertaking summative assessment for accredited programs of study. Pursuing RPL requires the candidate to provide specific and relevant evidence that their existing skills and knowledge align with the requirements of each training product.

RPL assessment will be undertaken by a qualified vocational assessor with expertise in the subject, content and/or skills area, as well as knowledge of and expertise in RPL assessment.

The process is designed to recognise prior learning regardless of how, when and where it was acquired, provided the learning is relevant to the learning outcomes in the qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of comparing the skills and knowledge you have acquired through work and life experiences, and making an assessment of how it transfers to the requirements of a training course.

Credit Transfer recognises formal education and training that you have previously completed (such as a vocational qualification or university degree). The previously completed course is mapped against the requirements of the qualification offered by MiTraining to determine the extent of its equivalency.

RPL Explained

To gain RPL, your skills will be assessed against industry standards and the specific requirements of the course.

An assessor will review the evidence you have provided in order to make an assessment of how your skills and knowledge are equivalent to the course.

You will be required to undertake a comprehensive self-assessment against the performance criteria, performance and knowledge evidence of each unit of competency and provide a range of supporting documentation that is used as evidence to demonstrate your existing skills and knowledge.

The RPL assessment process usually involves sign-off from a workplace supervisor/manager that you can/have performed the skill and developed the knowledge required of a unit of competency. You may also be required to undertake a practical assessment (demonstration task) to address any identified gaps in your skills and knowledge.

RPL Assessment Process

The RPL assessment process is outlined in the RPL Policy - please take the time to read it to understand the requirements and expectations of an RPL assessment.

Step 1: Complete the RPL Application Form and email it to enquiries@mitraining.edu.au. You will be contacted to discuss your application and the suitability of RPL as an assessment pathway for you.

Step 2: Complete the skills and knowledge self-assessment checklists. MiTraining provides these handy checklists to assist you to determine how your existing skills match up to the units of competency you are considering for RPL.

Step 3: Once you've understood the process and what's required a $250 application fee is charged. You will be provided with RPL Learner Information Kits for each unit of competency for which RPL is sought.

Step 4: Spend as much time as you need to thoroughly complete the RPL Kits. This requires you to perform a self-assessment of your skills and knowledge against the explicit requirements of the unit of competency. You will also gather a portfolio of evidence specific to each unit of competency to support your application.

Step 5: An evaluation of your completed RPL Kit is undertaken by an assessor. Based on your self-assessment and supporting documentation the assessor will recommend whether the RPL assessment should continue or refer you to formal training options. If the recommendation is to proceed you will be enrolled in the course of study and move to the next stage of assessment - a competency conversation.

Step 6: A competency conversation involved meeting (by phone or online) with the assessor to further explore the evidence supplied and address any gaps. You may be advised that further assessment or evidence is required.

Step 7: MiTraining will seek supervisor reports from your professional referees to further support your application. The assessor will take these into account and make a final determination of your RPL assessment.

Step 8: You will be advised of the outcome of the assessment and appropriate documentation will be issued. Your enrolment will be finalised.

Take a look at our RPL Hints and Tips to learn more.

If you'd like to discuss the process and your suitability please click Send Enquiry or call us on 1300 549 190.

RPL Fees

MiTraining provides advice on the RPL process and your suitability at no cost. Once you've understood the process and what's required of you, a non-refundable $250 application fee is charged. The full cost of your RPL assessment will depend on the course for which you are seeking recognition. View the Fee Schedule for full details.

Please note that applying for RPL does not guarantee that recognition will be granted.

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