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You’ve heard the phrase ‘walk the talk’, but what about ‘talk the walk’? It’s what some of the most successful people do at work…they’re able to explain and communicate in a way that is compelling, inspiring to get people moving in the same direction.

This short course is full of practical tips for lifting the quality of your communication with work mates, suppliers, customers and staff at all levels.

The skills needed to communicate effectively and assertively in the workplace are often undervalued. But the ability to speak your mind clearly, assertively and with confidence can dramatically improve performance, results and relationships at work (and off-site too).

What You'll Learn

  • How to assert yourself in a situation without appearing aggressive or destructive
  • To use body language and tone of voice to get a message across
  • How to say ‘no’ respectfully and with the right context
  • To look out for non-verbal cues when communicating to help people feel more comfortable
  • Tips for negotiating in difficult situations

This Course is Ideal For

  • Those new to the workplace, joining a new or larger team or taking on more responsibility for communicating about jobs or important tasks
  • Anyone who wants to polish up their communication style and be more effective at work


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