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Anyone who has held a job at some point has experienced stress in the workplace. In fact, any job can include times of stress even if you thoroughly enjoy what you do. At times personal or family pressures can also exacerbate feelings of stress in the workplace.

This short course will help you better understand the causes of stress and how it can be managed in a work environment. Knowing what contributes to your stress enables you to look at the best strategies and actions to manage it.

You’ll develop ways to identify stressors and tactics to help deal with how stress manifests in you.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify stressful situations and triggers
  • Understand the difference between good and bad stress
  • The symptoms and impact of stress in the workplace
  • Practical techniques for managing stress
  • Managing workflow and planning to reduce stress
  • Self-managing reactions to stress
  • Activities, rituals and habits for achieving balance

This Course is Ideal For

  • Those feeling stressed and having trouble coping with its impact on them in the workplace
  • Supervisors and managers who want to better understand how to support staff to manage workplace stress


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