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High performing salespeople often find themselves promoted to a team management role due to their outstanding ability to sell…this, however, does not necessarily make them good leaders.

Once in the leadership role the salesperson moves from being an individual selling on behalf of the company to being responsible for the achievement of the organisation’s sales goals through managing others.

This self-paced short course offers an introductory guide to key elements of the sales management process for newly appointed sales managers.

What You'll Learn

  • Characteristics of good teams and leaders
  • Creating a sales plan
  • Understanding sales territories and setting service standards
  • Setting sales targets, sales results and analyzing results
  • Managing a budget and resources
  • Ethical and legislative considerations
  • Teaching of basic sales skills
  • Managing the team meetings

This Course is Ideal For

This course would benefit any newly appointed sales manager or sales team member wanting to better understand the key elements to sales leadership.


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