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What's Your Behavioural Style at Work?

There are some who can categorically declare their behavioural style at work is 100% their “true self” as it does not change regardless of the role or employer, big, small, private, public, or self-employed.

However, for many, the truth is we ‘adjust’ our natural behaviours (for any number of reasons) to suit our current work environment and career or business goals.

Developing an awareness of your ‘natural’ and ‘adjusted’ behavioural style at work can reveal the answers to some critical career questions such as; Why do others react to you in a certain way? Why do you find some tasks or situations draining, while others are energising? How can you adjust your style to engage others and lift performance?


  • Behavioral Styles Vary: We often adjust our natural behavior to fit work environments.
  • DISC Framework: DISC identifies four styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance.
  • Self-Awareness: Understanding your natural and adjusted styles can improve work interactions.
  • Insightful Workshops: DISC workshops offer personal insights and practical communication tips.
  • Ideal for Teams: Useful for individuals and teams to understand dynamics and enhance productivity.

What is DISC?

DISC ADVANCED® is designed specifically for use in workplaces and has been used by Australian and international organisations for over 40 years to help individuals better understand themselves and how they interact with others at work in order to be more effective and productive and is based on the psychology of four different behavioural styles - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

The MiTraining DISC ADVANCED® Workshop presents these behavioural styles in an engaging learning environment in a clear, concise, fast-paced format mixed with practical insights into each of the four styles as well as your own ‘natural’ and ‘adjusted’ styles. The process commences with a Self-Assessment Questionnaire which you complete online in your own time before attending the Workshop, based on a multiple-choice format it only takes 15 minutes to complete.

What will I Iearn about myself?

Attending the half-day DISC ADVANCED® Workshop is both educational and enlightening as detailed behavioural insights for each behavioural type (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) are firstly presented by the skilled DISC ADVANCED® facilitator all wrapped up in case studies and with lots of real world examples.

The workshop focus then moves naturally onto your (confidential) personal Individual Assessment or Profile Report (where all the ‘aha' moments start). It provides an overview of where your ‘natural’ behavioural style sits and then focuses on understanding your current ‘adjusted’ behavioural style at work. This includes an indication of how far you have adjusted your natural style to suit your current work environment or goals. It also has detailed descriptors of how you communicate (or have difficulty communicating with different behavioural styles), make decisions or react to stress or conflict.

Each individual Profile Report also includes practical tools and tips on applying what you know to improve your communication with other behavioural styles to lead to greater understanding and stronger relationships. At this final stage of the workshop there are often significant insights informally shared by other participants who now appreciate why, for example, there was conflict in a work team, or how they will incorporate this knowledge into future recruitment processes or staff training or apply it to build rapport and ultimately drive a high-performance culture at their workplace.

Who should do DISC?

The MiTraining DISC ADVANCED® half-day workshop is ideal for either individuals or equally for a manager and teams to attend together as it is particularly useful for staff needing practical career development, individuals wanting to gain a deeper awareness of their own behavioural style at work or managers needing greater insight into team dynamics to create a productive workplace.

Learn more about the MiTraining DISC ADVANCED® half-day workshop here.

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