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The Benefits of Verification of Competency for Employees

A Verification of Competency (VOC) is a type of assessment that’s used to demonstrate that employees have the skills and knowledge to work in high-risk fields. While governing bodies across Australia still issue licences for operating equipment and working in dangerous fields, employers often require employees to maintain current VOC training as well.

Some employers will fund VOC assessments for their employees, but you don’t have to wait for that if you’d like to obtain current qualifications. In fact, holding a VOC that demonstrates your skills comes with a few major benefits that can help you stay safe and advance your career.


  • VOC assessments ensure skills and knowledge in high-risk fields, enhancing workplace safety.
  • They support and validate existing skills and licenses in high-risk occupations.
  • Holding a VOC can expand career opportunities by proving current skill levels.
  • VOCs offer a chance to learn new skills and update old licenses.
  • They include theory and practical assessments, plus colleague references for competency.

Reduce your risk of injury

Whether it’s a skill you use every day or an old qualification you want to renew, a verification of competency can make all the difference when it comes to workplace safety. Industry regulations and best practices for high-risk occupations focus on making sure you and your team stay safe at work. Refreshing your knowledge and exploring the latest updates to industry standards can significantly reduce your risk of injury.

At the end of the day, your safety is the top priority, both for you and for your employer. High-risk occupations like driving forklifts, working at heights and operating earthmoving equipment can become fatal in an instant, so a VOC qualification ensures you’re always up to date and managing your personal risk.

Support existing skills and licences

Australian regulations have changed, and holding a licence is no longer enough to work in some high-risk areas. While a licence can be used to prove that you were once competent at certain tasks, employers are increasingly asking their employees to maintain VOC qualifications. A VOC is the best way to demonstrate that you are actively using a skill and keeping up with developments in industry best practices and safety procedures.

A VOC can be used to support your existing skills and licences in a range of high-risk occupations. Depending on which state you’re working in, Safe Work Australia may require you to hold a licence for high-risk work like:

  • Operating a forklift
  • Operating elevated work platforms
  • Operating boilers and turbines
  • Operating cranes and hoists
  • Dogging and rigging
  • Scaffolding and working at heights

If you’re involved in any of these roles, a VOC is the best tool for proving your qualifications and assuring employers that you are a skilled operator.

Expand your career potential

As mentioned above, employers often ask employees to provide current VOC qualifications. A VOC lets employers know that your skills are up to date. This doesn’t just minimise your own risk, it minimises the risk to employers, their property and the team members around you.

Maintaining qualifications like a forklift verification of competency means that you will always have options in your career. If you’d like to change jobs, you won’t need to rely on an outdated licence or the reference of a supervisor. You will be able to prove to any potential employers that your skills are current and that you are a safe bet for their company.

Learn new skills

Last but not least, obtaining a current VOC is a great way to learn new skills. Whether you want to further your career, update an old licence or simply pick up something new, a VOC can provide a qualification that looks good on your resume.

While VOC qualifications aren’t intended to be in-depth instructional courses, they can be used to verify skills that you learned informally or on-the-job. Most VOC courses consist of a few main components that test your knowledge and allow you to demonstrate your skill in high-risk occupations. A typical VOC course includes:

  • A theory assessment that checks your understanding of the work and current regulations
  • A practical assessment that allows you to demonstrate your skills
  • The opportunity to provide references that allow work colleagues to vouch for your competency

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Undertaking a VOC assessment is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills and take on new career opportunities. Whether you’re looking for your next job or simply want to demonstrate your ability, obtaining a verification of competency is beneficial for all employees.

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