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School Students Take Flight with a Traineeship

In today's fast-changing job scene, it's super important for young people just starting their careers to have an edge.


  • Business Traineeships provide practical skills for career success.
  • They're like being an admin assistant, offering real business experience.
  • Success story: Steph turned a traineeship into a passion for aviation.
  • Traineeships blend workplace learning with formal education.
  • Completing a traineeship can lead to job opportunities and career growth.

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Business Traineeships are a great chance for high school students and those who've recently graduated. They provide a strong base, teaching essential skills that not only help you land a job right away but also set you up for success in the long run.

Think of a business trainee kind of like an administrative assistant—it's a practical role that gives you experience in the business world.

One compelling story of success through this route is that of Steph, who, upon completing Year 12, found herself at a crossroads.

Without a definitive plan for her post-high school journey, an opportunity presented by her school's careers department led her to a Business Traineeship with MIGAS Apprentices & Trainees, hosted at Airwork Helicopters. This decision ignited a passion for aviation and unlocked a realm of learning and personal growth she hadn't anticipated.

"Embarking on this traineeship opened up avenues I hadn't even considered," Steph reflected on her transformative experience.

The essence of Business Traineeships lies in their blend of practical workplace learning with formal education.

Steph's experience, for instance, involved mastering the intricacies of data entry for helicopter maintenance records and navigating complex aviation regulations.

This hands-on approach was complemented by a structured Certificate III in Business course through MiTraining.

"The support from MIGAS and the clarity and ease of the coursework through MiTraining made all the difference," Steph said, underscoring the comprehensive support system underpinning these traineeships.

Steph's journey exemplifies acquiring critical skills and significant personal and professional growth. She emphasises the sense of community she found, highlighting the lasting friendships and professional connections.

Completing her traineeship led to a full-time position at Airwork, boosting her confidence and ambition. Now, she aspires to climb higher within the organisation, a testament to the traineeship's role in shaping her career trajectory.

Business Traineeships are a pivotal pathway for young Australians, offering valuable skills, hands-on experience, and nationally recognised qualifications.

"The Certificate III in Business opens doors in countless industries," Steph said, advocating for the versatility and applicability of the skills acquired.

For those on the brink of their career journey, exploring Business Traineeships could be the key to unlocking a world of opportunities.

"Taking the next step to apply for a traineeship role can be incredibly rewarding," Steph advised, urging others to seize the moment.

Information on full-time and school-based traineeships is available on the MIGAS Apprentices & Trainees website, serving as a gateway to employment and career advancement.

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