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Collaboration with Happiness Co to Bring Award Winning Courses to Queensland

MiTraining, a leading provider of organisational wellbeing and professional development services, is thrilled to announce their collaboration with Happiness Co.

This collaboration will see MiTraining offer Happiness Co's renowned workshops, focusing on emotional wellbeing in the workplace and designed to help individuals navigate professional settings with strategies for empathy, active listening, resilience, and supportive communication.

These workshops are customised with workplace scenarios, providing practical, real-world applications for the skills taught.

"We are excited about this new venture with Happiness Co," said Stacey Wallace, General Manager at MiTraining.

"At MiTraining, we are committed to our clients' professional development and personal growth. By offering these workshops, we will give them the tools they need to foster a positive and supportive work environment."

The Happiness Co workshops are delivered virtually, offering flexibility and convenience to participants. This format allows individuals to engage with the content in a way that suits their schedule and learning preferences.

View more information about the Happiness Co workshops offered by MiTraining.


  • MiTraining partners with Happiness Co for emotional wellbeing workshops.
  • Workshops focus on empathy, active listening, resilience, and communication.
  • Customised content with practical workplace scenarios.
  • Workshops are delivered virtually for flexible learning.
  • Aimed at improving happiness and mental health in professional settings.

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Happiness Workshops

Choose from the following happiness workshops:

Caring Without Carrying Workshop

Learn how to effectively manage the emotional burden that often follows conversations related to performance, wellbeing, or emotions. Read more

Pre-emptive Mental Health Happiness

This workshop is designed to empower individuals to be in charge of their own happiness and mental health, allowing organisations to thrive as a result. Read more

Personal Performance and Stress Optimisation

Learn the tools and techniques to assist in reducing anxiety and stress in this workshop. Read more

A half-day workshop delivered as a Happiness Bundle is also available. 

About MiTraining

MiTraining is a Brisbane-based professional development and training provider committed to delivering high-quality education and training solutions. We offer a wide range of courses and workshops designed to help individuals and organisations achieve their professional goals.

About Happiness Co

Happiness Co is a global social enterprise dedicated to making the world a happier place by reducing the impact of unhappiness, depression, and anxiety. Their workshops and programs are designed to promote emotional wellbeing and resilience.

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