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COVID-19 Update - Your Learning in Safe Hands


  • MiTraining is fully operational, with most services online, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • The team practices social distancing, working from home, and supports students remotely.
  • Robust IT network in place to maintain stable, accessible online learning platforms.
  • Financial and personal support available for students impacted by COVID-19.
  • Students granted an extra six months to complete courses, easing stress during the pandemic.

A message from our CEO

By now you will have seen and heard a number of ongoing updates about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from the Australian Government.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), MiTraining also receives regular updates from the Department of Education which includes advice and resources to assist students to remain safe.

While this information is focused on education and training providers delivering in a physical campus environment, there are important messages about health and hygiene practices that we are sharing with our community.

Continuity of your learning 

As the situation around COVID-19 continues to unfold it’s important that we take measured and responsible actions to protect ourselves, our clients and the broader community.

As such, we thought it was important to communicate our plans to support the continuity of your study with MiTraining.

Our team is practising responsible social distancing and will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. Likewise, our team of trainers and assessors continue to support students remotely and by staying connected by phone, online conferencing, live streaming and online chat.

MiTraining conducts the majority of its business – whether that’s teaching students or servicing corporate clients – in a virtual or online setting. This means we expect little to no disruption to our training services and day to day operations.

In relation to your online course, we have a robust IT network that is monitored by specialist external support teams, to ensure our systems and online learning platforms are stable and accessible.
In summary, MiTraining’s training and assessment services together with our student support function are operating as normal.

We will update you directly if there is any change to this status in the future.

Personal and financial support

In times of crisis we believe the measure of an organisation’s values and culture is the way it demonstrates compassion.

If you are struggling financially as a direct result of the COVID-19 impact on your personal situation or employment, we encourage you to speak to our student support team about your options.

We will work with you discreetly and respectfully to support you to continue your study.
If you are in need of personal support or have a query specific to your situation please contact MiTraining at or phone 1300 549 190 for a confidential conversation.

Frequently asked questions

Is MiTraining still open?

MiTraining is open and operating as normal. Student can access the usual platforms, channels and contacts for support.

How will the pandemic crisis impact access to my course and trainer?

In short, you can continue to access your course and MiTraining’s learning support services as normal. MiTraining’s operations are predominantly online and our systems are robust. Any change to this status will be communicated directly to our students – although we do not expect any interruptions to your learning. For MiTraining it is business as usual in unusual times.

What happens if I cannot afford to pay my course fees?

There are a range of options available to support your through financial hardship whilst maintaining your course enrolment and the investment you have made in your learning. Contact MiTraining directly at or call 1300 549 190 for a confidential conversation.

Can I have more time to complete my course?

Yes. All MiTraining students have been provided with an additional six months’ access to their course on the LMS. Our aim is to alleviate any unnecessary stress or anxiety in a difficult time. 

Links and resources

Australian Government’s Department of Health website offers regular, ongoing updates

HealthDirect COVID-19 Symptom Checker

National Coronavirus Helpline

Economic Stimulus Package Updates

Advice on hygiene practices

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