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5 Leadership Podcasts for Your Commute to Work

Podcasting has evolved into modern radio, offering content from news and information to true crime and interviews. Among this rich diversity, leadership podcasts for women have carved out a significant niche, providing listeners with direct access to advice from some of the most influential female leaders of our time.

The versatility of podcasts means they can be integrated into any part of your day, whether commuting to work, preparing breakfast, or taking a quick break between meetings.

Despite the broadcast format, podcasts have a way of feeling personal and often vulnerable, as if you were sharing a coffee or engaging in a one-on-one conversation with the host and podcast guest.

In a world where women are increasingly taking the helm, the words of Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, echo a powerful truth: “The next few decades are the decades of women. Women should dream big."

This sentiment captures the essence of our focus on women in leadership. 

Through the intimate and accessible format of podcasts, women at all stages of their careers can find inspiration, mentorship, and the courage to dream big. So, we're sharing our top five all-time favourite podcasts for Australian women who want to lead in business and thrive in their personal lives.

We're all about helping you become your best self at work and these podcasts can certainly help you get there. These podcasts are an inspiration to guide the next generation of women to dream bigger, reach higher, and to do it all with determination and grace.


  • Podcasts are like modern radio, offering diverse content to listen to anytime.
  • The main reasons people listen are enjoyment, learning, and superior audio quality.
  • Podcasts provide a sense of social connection, educational entertainment, and storytelling.

1. This is Work Podcast

This is Work Podcast addresses the evolving nature of work and leadership in the modern world and explores how shifts in societal and economic landscapes impact professional environments. It offers valuable insights into navigating the future of work.

Listening to this podcast can significantly enhance your adaptability and forward-thinking skills, which are essential for today's leaders. It delves into remote work dynamics, the gig economy, workplace inclusivity, burnout at work, the balance between technology and human interaction, strategies for fostering a positive work culture and more.

These discussions offer practical advice and solutions that listeners can apply in their own work contexts.

2. Future Women Leadership Series

The Future Women Leadership Series is an essential listen for anyone interested in the advancement of women in leadership roles. It tackles the challenges and opportunities of leadership, providing stories of inspiration and strategies for success.

Topics of discussion include breaking the glass ceiling, balancing personal and professional life, mentorship and sponsorship for women, the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership, and how to negotiate for advancement and equal pay.

This series empowers women leaders about the benefits of diversity in leadership positions.

3. The Imperfects

The Imperfects celebrates embracing one's vulnerabilities and imperfections in leadership. It underscores the strength of authenticity and personal stories' power in connecting and motivating others.

Recent topics include the importance of mental health in leadership, overcoming imposter syndrome, the power of failure and learning from mistakes, emotional intelligence in leadership, and empathy and compassion in building strong teams.

This podcast is a powerful reminder that perfection is not the goal; genuine, empathetic leadership is far more impactful and inspiring.

4. How I Work with Dr Amanda Imber

How I Work with Dr Amanda Imber is a treasure trove of productivity hacks, work habits, and leadership insights from successful professionals around the globe. Focusing on the 'how' of work provides listeners with actionable tips to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

Episodes have covered topics such as optimising your morning routine for peak productivity, effective time management strategies, creativity's role in problem-solving, building resilience in high-pressure environments, and fostering a culture of innovation.

It is ideal for leaders looking to refine their work habits and foster a high-performing team culture.

5. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Adam Grant's WorkLife delves into the science of work and leadership, offering listeners a blend of groundbreaking research and practical insights. It aims to make work not just more productive but also more fulfilling.

Topics include the art of persuasive communication, navigating conflict and negotiation, the impact of organisational culture on performance, strategies for motivating teams, and leadership in times of change.

Listening to this podcast can profoundly change your approach to leadership and work, promoting a more innovative, inclusive, and motivating workplace environment.

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