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The Art of Effective Communication: Building Strong Relationships with Upper Management

Understand the fundamental principles of effective communication that resonate with senior leaders. Learn how to express your ideas clearly and confidently, ensuring your voice is heard and your contributions are recognised. This session will dive into the importance of active listening and how it fosters a deeper understanding of management perspectives.

Explore techniques for adapting your communication style to match different situations and personalities within upper management. You'll gain insights into non-verbal communication cues and how to use them to your advantage in face-to-face interactions and virtual meetings.

The webinar will provide practical tips for building and maintaining strong relationships with senior leaders. Learn how to establish trust and credibility, which are essential for career growth and gaining the support of upper management in your endeavours.

Talking points

  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.
  • Adapting communication styles for different managerial personalities.
  • Active listening skills to understand and anticipate management needs.
  • Building trust and credibility with upper management.

Presenter: Kathy Bain, Performance Coach

Kathy’s coaching and mentoring practice is founded on 25+ years’ experience in people development. She has an extensive career supporting the growth of leaders and teams through focused development and coaching to achieve their best results. 

Kathy uses transformational coaching to build clients’ awareness, confidence and capability, by encouraging them in understanding their purpose, goals and strengths. This support of their learning and growth enables them to gain higher levels of fulfilment and achievement both personally and professionally. 

Kathy is known for having an energetic and authentic style and strives to support and respectfully challenge clients to be courageous, grow outside their comfort zone, and strive for their goals. Whether working on behaviours, leadership capabilities, organisational development or overall skills, she helps people develop their knowledge, capacity and abilities to achieve results and increase their effectiveness. She has broad industry experience including energy, government, mining, finance, aerospace, health, legal environments and higher education.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the webinar?
The webinar is 45min of delivery + 15min questions.

How is it delivered?
The webinar is accessible from anywhere, as it will be conducted via a live video call using Zoom.

What if I can't attend live?
The online workshop will be recorded - if you purchase the course, you will receive a recording of the live recording afterwards.

How do I book?
You only need to purchase the webinar online to join. We'll take your pre-payment and provide all the access details to your registered email address.

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