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Psychosocial and Psychological Safety at Work

Psychosocial and Psychological Safety at Work is an essential course designed specifically for HR practitioners and leaders, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate a healthy and safe working environment within their organisation.

This workshop delves into the impact of psychosocial and psychological factors on employee wellbeing and performance, addressing crucial topics such as workplace stress, psychological safety within teams, work life balance, conflict resolution, organisational policies, resilience building, ethical considerations, and measurement techniques.

Leaders will gain practical strategies to promote psychological wellbeing, create a culture of safety, and enhance productivity.


  1. Understanding Psychosocial and Psychological Safety
  2. Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety
  3. Managing Workplace Stress and Promoting Wellbeing

 Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of psychosocial and psychological safety at work and recognise their impact on employee wellbeing and organisational outcomes
  • Develop strategies to foster a culture of psychological safety within teams, promoting open communication, trust, and collaboration.
  • Identify and mitigate workplace stressors and implement effective techniques to enhance employee wellbeing and work life balance
  • Apply conflict resolution and emotional intelligence skills to effectively navigate challenging interpersonal situations and promote positive relationships within the workplace
  • Evaluate and implement organisational policies and interventions that promote psychosocial and psychological safety, ensuring compliance with ethical considerations and legal frameworks

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