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Caring Without Carrying Virtual Workshop

The Caring Without Carrying 90-minute virtual workshop is specifically crafted to support team members and leaders in effectively managing the emotional burden that often follows conversations related to performance, wellbeing, or emotions.

This transformative workshop equips participants with practical strategies and tools to offer genuine care and empathy while maintaining personal wellbeing and preventing emotional exhaustion.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop Emotional Boundaries: Gain a deep understanding of the importance of establishing emotional boundaries in professional settings and learn practical techniques to create healthy boundaries that preserve personal wellbeing without compromising empathy and support
  • Enhance Active Listening Skills: Acquire essential active listening techniques that foster genuine connection and understanding during emotionally charged conversations, enabling participants to provide valuable support without absorbing or carrying the emotional weight
  • Build Resilience and Self-Care Practices: Learn effective strategies for building personal resilience and implementing self-care practices to prevent emotional burnout and maintain long-term emotional well-being, allowing participants to consistently support others without sacrificing their own mental and emotional health
  • Foster Empathy and Supportive Communication: Develop a compassionate and supportive communication style that facilitates meaningful connections and trust within teams, enabling participants to provide genuine care and support while maintaining a healthy emotional balance

Workshop Inclusions

  • Fixed price for workshop delivery
  • Workshop is delivered virtually
  • Workshop is delivered over 90 minutes
  • Facilitated by a highly experienced and engaging presenter

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