verification of competency

Verification of Competency

Verification of Competency and Staff Training

A Verification of Competency (VOC) is an assessment used to determine whether you meet current requirements for operating equipment in high-risk fields. Obtaining a VOC qualification is a way of showing employers that you meet WHS requirements and have an up to date understanding of industry safety standards and best practices. MiTraining offers both online and in-person Verification of Competency courses to help you prepare for your next role.

Combined with our range of programs, micro credentials and industry-recognised qualifications, MiTraining’s VOC courses enable people and employers to confirm that their skills are current. VOCs are common in many high-risk industries and careers, with employees often being required to present a current VOC alongside their license for operating dangerous equipment. To get ready for the next step in your career, explore MiTraining’s selection of Verification of Competency courses below.

New Forklift VOC

Forklift Verification of Competency

Verify your knowledge and competency regarding current industry regulations to demonstrate up-to-date skills in safe forklift work.

WHS Verification of Competency

Maintaining a safe workplace and protecting employees from harm is the best thing an employer can do to create an enjoyable working environment. Workplaces that promote safe practices and ensure staff are equipped with the skills, training and tools they need to work safely have lower risks and happier teams. MiTraining works with both individuals and businesses, offering Verification of Competency courses that allows workers to prove their knowledge of current industry practices.

Taking part in a MiTraining VOC course is useful for both employers and individual staff. While employers can benefit from the certification of their staff, individuals can use VOC courses to prove their skills to current and potential employers. Maintaining a Verification of Competency for high-risk work expands your employment opportunities and allows you to work on a broader range of sites and projects. While a Verification of Competency won’t always be required, many worksites and employers now ask new employees to present their proof of competency before work can begin. Obtaining your Verification of Competency through MiTraining can have an instant impact on your ability to find and transfer to new workplaces.

Verification of Competency for High-Risk Work

Verification of Competency courses are common in a range of high-risk workplaces and careers. Maintaining a VOC allows you to demonstrate that you’re up to date with industry best practices and safety standards. Employees often obtain VOC qualifications for operating equipment such as:

  • Forklifts
  • Excavators and earthmovers
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Skid steers

The VOC qualifications delivered by MiTraining are designed to complement your equipment licenses. While you can obtain a ticket or license to operate a wide variety of equipment types, these licenses don’t necessarily prove competency. Presenting a VOC alongside your licenses and tickets is the best way to assure employers that you are capable of working safely and maintaining the standards of their worksite. MiTraining offers full support for your VOC qualifications, with our courses being delivered either in-person or online. Our flexible training platform allows you to complete an on-site practical assessment, or video footage can be submitted to MiTraining to prove competency.

Offering a wide variety of online training and Verification of Competency courses, MiTraining delivers qualifications that broaden your skills and expand your career prospects. Whether you need a VOC for your current employer or want to update your resume for your next position, MiTraining can help. If you have any questions about our courses, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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