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This skills bundle combines Handling Conflict at Work and The Confident Communicator.

Handling Conflict at Work
Conflict can rear its head in any aspect of your personal or professional life. Avoiding conflict might feel like a safe option, but can often leave the issue unresolved and simmering away. Handling conflict well is a skill anyone can learn – and getting it right can even turn difficult relationships into positive ones.

This course provides valuable tips and tools to help you manage conflict in diverse work situations, which is a key skill for anyone who wants to step into a management or supervisory role.

The Confident Communicator
You’ve heard the phrase ‘walk the talk’, but what about ‘talk the walk’? It’s what some of the most successful people do at work…they’re able to explain and communicate in a way that is compelling, inspiring to get people moving in the same direction.

This course is full of practical tips for lifting the quality of your communication with workmates, suppliers, customers and staff at all levels.

What You'll Learn

Handling Conflict

  • How to identify causes of conflict
  • The importance of cultural awareness and dealing with conflict
  • To identify the various stages of conflict
  • The financial impact of conflict on a business
  • How to appropriately respond to conflict
  • The importance of effective communication skills in conflict resolution
  • The importance of negotiation
  • What to do when a conflict cannot be resolved

The Confident Communicator

  • How to assert yourself in a situation without appearing aggressive or destructive
  • To use body language and tone of voice to get a message across
  • How to say ‘no’ respectfully and with the right context
  • To look out for non-verbal cues when communicating to help people feel more comfortable
  • Tips for negotiating in difficult situations

This Course is Ideal For

  • Those who are dealing with conflict in their workplace and need a skills-shot to help them through the situation
  • Up-and-coming young managers who want to improve their conflict management skills
  • Anyone who is leading a team and looking to develop a better understanding of conflict resolution
  • Those new to the workplace, joining a new or larger team or taking on more responsibility for communicating about jobs or important tasks
  • Anyone who wants to polish up their communication style and be more effective at work

Staff Training Solutions

Looking to address conflict management and resolution in your workforce? This course can be tailored for either group online delivery or facilitated face-to-face onsite at your premises.

Talk to us about tailoring content to address your specific workforce needs and preferred rates for corporate clients. Email or phone 1300 549 190.

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